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The Consignment Process

How it works

Drop off

  • Bring your items to our Varsity location located at 207 - 4625 Varsity Dr NW. We do not accepting items at our Willow Park boutique.
  • We understand that appointments are a difficult commitment to make (especially as a new mom!), so come as you are and when you can! If time permits*, we will inspect your items with you at drop off.  This is a very brief and initial check to give you an idea of the items we may accept.  Otherwise, we ask that you allow us a few days to perform a thorough check.  Consider an initial inspection upon drop off a bonus, rather than a guarantee.
  • To enhance likelihood of resale, we require that they be dropped off “ready to wear” which means freshly laundered, ironed, folded neatly AND in great condition. We prefer your items be dropped off in a box or bag that we can keep.  NO hangers please!

Processing your Items and Inspection

  • It may take up to a month to process your clothes. The time will vary based on time of year and how many accounts are in queue.  Your 60 days will start upon date of item entry into our software which is the day they will hit the floor.
  • In the event your items were not checked upon drop off, we will call you once we have gone through your account to give you an idea of what we are unable to accept.  We usually donate these items at this point, however, you do have the option to collect your items within 7 days.
  • We inspect clothing to ensure optimal inventory levels at the store and resale potential. In doing so, we consider style, demand and quality and our current inventory levels. 
  • Please note that even if there is a brand name item, it may not be accepted based on our turnover for that particular style/brand etc.

The selling period and your expiration promise

  • While we strive to accept goods that have a high likelihood of resale, we cannot predict, or guarantee sales.  We have absolutely no storage space for expired items and we are unable to hold unsold items for return after their expiration date.
  • We are pleased to support the Calgary Pregnancy Care Center ( Made By Momma ( and the Canadian Diabetes Association with donations of all our unsold items.  


  • Items are priced based on the condition, style and age. We price at approximately 35-50% of current retail price.
  • If a piece is on sale online, we must consider that it’s new retail price and it will be priced according to 35-50% of the sale price.


  • Accepted items are entered into our software program, priced and put on the sales floor for approximately 60 days.
  • You will have access to an online portal that will show you the transactions that have taken place on your account and the corresponding balance.


  • You will receive 30% of the final selling price.
  • Your account will be credited as pieces sell.
  • Payments must be picked up in store otherwise we charge a $2 fee to send you an Electronic Funds Transfer. Payment for any money owed is available at any time throughout the contract period but must be collected within a year of drop off.
  • Store credit can be applied to store purchases at any time.

Responsibilities of consignors

  • Please make note of your contract expiration date. There are hundreds of consignors at a time which makes it too time consuming for us to send expiration reminders. 
  • You must claim your payment within a year of drop off, otherwise your account will be closed and money will be forfeited.
  • Photo ID may be requested to receive payment.

Baby & Me reserves the right to:

  • Donate all unclaimed and expired items.
  • Markdown items at any time or return items due to unforeseen flaws. Typical markdowns are 25-50% off after 30 days on the floor.
  • Pull and automatically donate items that have been discovered as damaged, stained or low quality.