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Beke Bobo Theraputic Bear Grey

Beke Bobo Theraputic Bear Grey

Beke Bobo

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This therapeutic teddy bear is much more than a hot water bottle! The effectiveness of the bear comes from the osmosis of moisture caused by heat or cold and from its special mixture of cereals. The mixture of organic cereal grains that compose it has anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike traditional hot water bottles with cherry stones or flaxseed, the teddy bear does not come very hot or very cold. It releases a soothing moisture when briefly heated or cooled. After 15 minutes, its temperature will approach normal body temperature. For this reason, our teddy bear is considered highly safe when the instructions are followed.

-The therapeutic teddy bear is very effective in relieving stomach aches, colic, ear infections, bruises, as well as for sciatic nerve pain, contractions, and mom’s breastfeeding pain. It can also be useful for muscle pains, headaches, and mom and dad’s sports injuries. 
-It is composed of organic cereal grains
-Really helpful for mom and baby
-Recommended for breastfeeding women : When heated and applied to the breast, the bear will help get rid of blocked milk ducts, reduce pain, and provide a better grip for your baby with the release of heat and humidity
-Can be used cold or hot
-Washable slipcover

Fabric: 100% flannel

Inside: 100% cotton, stuffed with an optimum mix of oats and barley

Size: 4.3" x 7" / 11 x 18cm 
Weight: 230g / 0.5lbs

About the brand

Beke Bobo, a Quebec company, designs and manufactures convenient products that comply with Health Canada's medical device standards. From their comforting cushion to trendy bibs and nursing accessories, Beke Bobo will soothe your child's ailments and simplify your life.

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