What we Accept

What we Accept

What’s accepted at Baby & Me?

We consign only the “best of the best” maternity and nursing clothing. Given this is our specialty, we are extremely selective when it comes to choosing our inventory.

We are looking for items that are:

Currently in Style

We understand that some of you may have kept your maternity wardrobe for the next baby, or for the possibility of one.If your items are older than 2 years, we cannot accept them. The staff here are trained to know what styles and tags are outdated and to keep our new moms looking fabulous and fashionable, we only consign only the most current.

Properly Laundered

Make sure your items are freshly laundered. Check the following: inside the tops for deodorant stains, inside nursing tanks and bras for milk stains, inside the pants legs for cleanliness and animal hair in general.If your pieces have been sitting in a garage or car for some time, we respectfully request that you give them a fresh launder and return when ready.

In Mint Condition

Check for wear: piling under the armpits or on the belly where a necklace would have hung, faded colours, or twisted seams on maternity panels and stretched out denim (this is common in designer denim!)All buttons, zippers, belts and buckles are intact and in excellent shape.We do not accept tops or dresses with missing fabric belts.Check for rips along maternity pant panels, snags in knit tops, worn hems, holes and/or any other disrepair.

In Season

Make sure item is in season.Seasonal wear is accepted between the following dates:

Spring/Summer: February 1 to August 15

Fall/Winter: August 15 to January 31

Highly desirable

A well-known or high-end label.
Budget fashion labels such as Old Navy, George or Liz Lange (for Target) are inexpensive at full retail, therefore neither the consignor nor Baby & Me will make a significant enough profit to make it worth our while.

Your clothing doesn’t make the cut?No fret, we are a pick-up location for Pregnancy Care Centre and the Canadian Diabetes Association. If you have clothing that isn’t suitable for consignment, we would be happy to forward them to charity for you.